About Us

The mission of RegenWM is to promote and develop regeneration excellence in the West Midlands. Our objectives are:

RegenWM was set up in 2003 to address the skills shortages in the regeneration sector. Our roots are in the urban task force and the subsequent Government White Paper which noted the need for better information and intelligence in the sector if we were to achieve renaissance. Today, you will see from our Board and Team pages that we are a small organisation, but with powerful support from amongst the regions leadership.

Our approach to delivering our mission is to work with partners and providers and to match up programmes, needs and opportunities. In practice this means we are a small market making organisation who achieves our objectives through networking, knowledge transfer and information flows.Our approach is to put people from different teams, organisations, sectors and professions in the same place: this approach ensures that whilst focusing on a specific issue of topic, that they are also learning about how their colleagues work in other parts of the sector.