DEWM Partners

Advantage West Midlands

Advantage West Midlands (AWM) is the regional development agency for the West Midlands, and one of the nine RDAs in England, set up to transform the various regions through sustainable economic development.

AWM works with a broad range of partners from public, private and voluntary sectors to lead the economic development of the West Midlands. AWM's role is to provide leadership for the development and delivery of the West Midlands Economic Strategy.

AWM is a non-departmental public body sponsored by the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR).

AWM's annual budget of over £300 million goes towards the economic development of the region and is distributed across around 2,500 projects. These projects range from the development of key strategic regional sites, to the regeneration of communities.

Arts Council West Midlands

Arts Council is the national development agency for the arts. It supports a range of artistic activities, brings people together and is a tool for individuals to find out more about themselves and the world around them.

Arts Council fund art activities to benefit people from the West Midlands such as educational projects, community engagement schemes, and supporting strategic art activities. Arts Council West Midlands is a regional branch of the Arts Council which is a Government funded agency.

Arts Council West Midlands offers support to regional independent artists; it is also keen to engage and involve people who are not currently involved in the visual arts and to promote the presentation of art in unexpected places.

To find out more or to get involved visit the Arts Council West Midlands website.


CABE was set up in 1999 and is the Government's advisor on architecture, urban design and public space; it is funded by DCMS and DCLG.

CABE's work includes a design review service, research, campaigns for better design and better education, skills and careers for the built environment and advice services. CABE offers support to a network of regional CABE representatives and part funds the West Midlands architecture centres, MADE and Urban Vision North Staffordshire.

CABE Space, part of CABE, works with bodies across the UK on the delivery of parks and public spaces in the public, private and voluntary sectors. Its work is guided by the CABE Space advisory committee and partner organisations, Groundwork, Landscape Institute and the Institute of Leisure and Amenity Management.

English Heritage West Midlands

English Heritage is the Government's statutory adviser on the historic environment and is an Executive Non-departmental Public Body sponsored by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

English Heritage works to conserve and protect the historic environment, whilst making it accessible to the public in order to increase people's knowledge and understanding of the past.

English Heritage's aim in the West Midlands is to identify old structures and help to protect them, conserve them and possibly enhance them. English Heritage also want to make the regions heritage accessible and understandable to local people by offering a variety of days out, events, visits to old properties and historical re-enactments.

Homes and Communities Agency

Formed on 1 December 2008, the HCA is the national housing and regeneration agency for England; the HCA has brought together English Partnerships, the Housing Corporation and the Academy for Sustainable Communities - now known as the HCA Academy - and has incorporated a number of programmes from Communities and Local Government. The HCA has a strategic presence in each of the English regions. It's role is: 

  • To improve the supply and quality of housing in England
  • To secure the regeneration or development of land or infrastructure in England
  • To support in other ways the creation, regeneration or development of communities in England or their continued well-being
  • To contribute to the achievement of sustainable development and good design in England, with a view to meeting the needs of people living in England

The HCA has an in-house team providing technical support on design and sustainable development within the organisation. The HCA works with CABE, English Heritage and other design related organisations to offer support to its partners on issues of design and sustainability. 


MADE is the regional architecture centre in the West Midlands,'part of the national Architecture Centre Network. MADE supports and promotes excellence in the designed environment advocating that good design leads to places which have their own identity and are also user-friendly and safe.

MADE works with a range of regional organisations and practitioners as well as schools and communities, using the built environment as a learning resource within the school curriculum, encouraging young people to engage with the design of new school buildings.

MADE is an educational charity and is a strategically funded client of Arts Council West Midlands, MADE is also supported and advised by CABE and Advantage West Midlands.

MADE's activities include a design review and'enabling'service, events, community engagement programmes and research.


As the regional centre of excellence, RegenWM's mission is to promote and develop regeneration excellence in the West Midlands. RegenWM’s objectives are:

  • To improve the skills, capacities and competencies of those working in the sector, in particular cross-occupational working.
  • To provide information and intelligence to encourage the pursuit of excellence through the uptake of good practice.
  • To influence policy and decision making networks regionally and nationally.
  • To secure a sustainable future for RegenWM and its mission.

RIBA West Midlands

The Royal Institute of British Architects was founded in 1834 and represents the architectural profession in the UK. RIBA aims to ensure an improvement in design quality for the built environment by demonstrating and promoting the benefits of good architecture, providing support and facilitating the delivery of good architecture.

The RIBA income depends on membership fee and corporate sponsors, as well as income from events.

RIBA West Midlands has its own bookshop in Birmingham open to the general public. The RIBA West Midlands website features a listing of architecture vacancies in the region, as well as information on how to become and architect, continuing professional development (CPD) for architects and RIBA vacancies.

To find out more, visit the RIBA West Midands website.

Urban Vision North Staffordshire

Launched in 2003, Urban Vision is the architecture and urban design centre for North Staffordshire based at the Burslem School of Art in Stoke-on-Trent.

Urban Vision works to promote good practice in architecture and urban design in the area in order to: raise the profile of the area and the quality of life of the local citizens; to bring about successful regeneration and to create a better and more sustainable urban environment.

Urban Vision isis core funded by Advantage West Midlands and CABE. Urban Vision runs an education and training programme involving working with councils, the education sector, regeneration agencies and practitioners, to develop architecture and urban design skills in the city region. Urban Vision also run a Design Review Panel.

West Midlands Leaders Board

The West Midlands Leaders Board (WMLB) is the regional decision making body for local government in the West Midlands.

The WMLB brings together the leaders of all 33 local authorities in the West Midlands and represents the broad range of local government interests at regional level. This involves both promoting and supporting local authorities as democratic bodies providing public services, as well as influencing regional policies which affect the economic, social and environmental well being of their communities.  

Priorities for the WMLB include supporting local authorities, improving the image and reputation of the West Midlands, and focusing on the economy and skills, transport and connectivity, and housing and regeneration.