Burnhill Green achieves Gold in Building for Life 2010

15th September 2010

A record 55 new housing schemes have achieved a Building for Life standard this year, 50 per cent more than last year. This is the largest number in the eight years of the initiative and is the first time more than half of all entries (92) achieved a standard, suggesting an overall rise in housing quality.

This also suggests that housebuilders are now seizing the opportunity to play a leading role in creating successful places, not just building individual homes - the trend can be seen across all 55 schemes, regardless of their size or location.

In order to achieve the national standard for well-designed homes and neighbourhoods, schemes need to score more than 14 out of 20 against the Building for Life criteria.

A total of 20 schemes have achieved a gold standard, compared to 12 last year. Gold standards include Burnhill Green in Staffordshire, a development of only ten homes but one which still sets a benchmark for energy efficient rural development.

35 achieved a silver standard, compared to 24 last year.

You can see pictures of all these housing developments, with team credits, on the CABE website.

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