RegenWM to close its doors and its business

6th October 2010

RegenWM will sadly be closing this coming December. Although we are very proud of our achievements and stand by our contribution to regeneration quality in the West Midlands, we recognise that the current climate is not a fertile one for regional organisations. Advantage West Midlands can no longer sustain its core investment in our work and if we combine this with the political withdrawal from regional-scale solutions with no obvious alternative sources of future funding, it means that we are now working on legacy plans and our exit strategy.

The RegenWM website will be running until 31 December, so we encourage anyone who has so far found our resources useful to browse it over these coming months and download any relevant information, as it will no longer be available in the new year. If you would like to discuss any aspect of our legacy please contact Adrian Passmore, Chief Executive, on 0121 202 3260.

Thank you to all those who have engaged with us productively in the past; RegenWM could not have been so successful without the support of its regional partners.

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