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Career Pathways

'Regeneration' is a relatively new concept when it comes to considering and developing careers. Nevertheless, as the Egan Review in 2004 identified, it is a sector that requires particularly high level skills and high calibre people.

RegenWM is aiming to contribute to the quantity and quality of people seeking careers in regeneration by:

Inspiring Students

RegenWM can help 'sow the seeds' for a career in regeneration in a number of ways:

If you are interested in any of the following contact us on 0121 202 3260 or email and we will see what we can arrange.

Working with Colleges and Universities

Training in regeneration can lend itself to further and higher education courses in a number of different ways. One of the attractions of working in regeneration is that it involves professionals from many different disciplines. It also, however, requires all participants to have a core set of generic skills - as identified by the Egan Review. As a consequence, courses relevant to regeneration can be developed in a number of different ways – all of which RegenWM will be happy to advise on or help provide:


At RegenWM we would like to see employers from the regeneration sector working in partnership with further and higher education providers in order to commission the courses they need to develop their existing staff and train the next generation of regeneration practitioners with the desired skills and knowledge. RegenWM will be looking to work with: