Designed Environment West Midlands

A well designed environment improves the quality of life for the people who use it. This applies to houses, neighbourhoods, schools, hospitals and public spaces. Design quality reinforces the character, identity and safety of places, increasing the sense of community and well-being. Good design is crucial to successful regeneration and has a social, physical, cultural and economic value to us all.

DEWM is made up of organisations and agencies involved in the designed environment in the West Midlands. DEWM partners work together to promote design excellence in buildings, places and public spaces. Partners include RegenWM, MADE, Urban Vision North Staffordshire, Housing Corporation, Advantage West Midlands, CABE, RIBA, Arts Council, English Partnerships, WMLB and English Heritage. Find out more about the DEWM partners.

DEWM partners provide a comprehensive range of services and activities for people working in design across the region. These include running training seminars and workshops, organising site visits, providing guidance, showcasing good practice and arranging networking events. You can find out about the latest news and upcoming opportunities in the quarterly DEWM bulletin, and by following the links to the partner's websites.

DEWM bulletin

You can download the latest edition of the quarterly DEWM bulletin which includes an introduction to each of the DEWM partners and details of the joint DEWM activity they carry out. 

If you would like to include any items in the next edition of the DEWM bulletin, please send them to

DEWM network

What does success look like in the designed environment?

The DEWM network is made up of design-related professionals from across the region, working in architecture, urban design, housing, planning and other design-related initiatives.

The network is a forum for debate, strategic support, learning and sharing ideas. The DEWM network meet quarterly, and the content, agendas and venues for future meetings will be up to network participants to agree.

The most recent DEWM network event took place in Telford in October 2009. This was a masterclass on economic development and design - how to make live-work really work. 

Through DEWM, regional design leaders are able to hear the messages that come from practitioners and vice versa. DEWM networks help set the agenda around design and host the key discussions that ensure we all contribute to creating and maintaining great places and spaces.

If you would like more information on the DEWM network or have any suggestions for future DEWM network events, please email

DEWM good practice visits

Through DEWM, RegenWM run good practice visits for design and regeneration professionals. The aim is to showcase different ways of thinking about architecture, design and the delivery of high quality places and neighbourhoods.

Delegates have the opportunity to explore and learn from successful schemes outside the region, discuss good practice with their peers and consider the schemes in relation to their work in the West Midlands.

Taking time to see good practice on the ground helps to raise aspirations and inspire delegates about what can be achieved. Delegates also have the chance to find out from development teams about the conditions which have led to successful outcomes.

The most recent good practice visit was to Upton sustainable urban extension in Northampton. Details of future events will be posted on this page and on our events calendar.