Real Oktoberfest at the center of Birmingham

Over one long weekend you'll be able to experience everything which makes a real Oktoberfest. We will have live music, complete Oktoberfest decoration. Setting up a giant tent for 1,400 people, we'll bring you the feeling of being in an authentic Oktoberfest Tent at the center of Birmingham.

The Eastside City Park is transformed into a traditional Oktoberfest with live music and amazing atmosphere. We've got a special offer for your Sunday Lunch, which means that you can let the whole family experience Bavarian culture for a day.

We serve delicious giant beer specially made for Oktoberfest, and it is certain you will not sit for long before you want to sing along and stand on the benches. We are serving a particular brewed Bavarian beer and all of the Oktoberfest food you love like Bratwurst, Schnitzel and Pretzel. Coming from Bavaria, our German group is ready to entertain you with a excellent array of songs from conventional Oompa songs to great German Schlager. Blue and white colors characterize the tent and our waitresses and waiters are dressed in Dirndl and Lederhosen.

For info and more, find the Oktoberfest site here: