Amanda Brooke, Winning Moves

Find out about key project management principles in this brief interview with Amanda Brooke, speaker at RegenWM’s ‘Introduction to project management’ seminar which has been running for the past four years due to popular demand.

Angus Kennedy talks about learning from his mistakes

Angus Kennedy was Chief Executive of Castle Vale Housing Action Trust until Spring 2005. Here he discusses a particular project that went wrong at the HAT ... and explains what they did to sort the problem out and change their ways.

Cllr Coulson talks about his regeneration brief

Cllr Andrew Coulson talks to RegenWM about cross-sector working in relation to his Birmingham City Council Regeneration cabinet brief.

Conrad Parke - Egan Review

In this interview, Conrad Parke, Head of Skills Development at RegenWM tells us why the Egan Review is still relevant today and whether we’ve addressed the issues raised in the Review.

Conrad Parke of 3 Estates NDC area

Conrad Parke talks about his monitoring and evaluation role in 3 Estates NDC area in south Birmingham. In an interesting interview, Conrad talks about the relationship of monitoring and evaluation to NDC planning, and also talks about mainstreaming NDC activity. Enjoy the interview ... sorry about the poor lighting!

Jeff Jervis talks to RegenWM

Jeff Jervis, from the Stoke Partnership, talks about why he feels that networks and networking are important for regeneration practitioners.

John Russell talks about the context for Pingles leisure development

The Pingles leisure development sits in the heart of Nuneaton and is a flagship development for the area, providing extensive new sports facilities. We talk to the project lead about how this facility came to life.

Kevin Cook discusses a Batchley sports project

Kevin Cook of Redditch Borough Council discusses a major project success in a Batchley sports facility. The multi-use facility hosts commnuity meeting rooms as well as a range of grass and hard court sports including squash, tennis football and rugby.

Lord Rogers talks to RegenWM about regeneration

Architect Richard Rogers spoke to RegenWM on a recent visit to Birmingham. Rogers was Chair of the Urban Task Force and author of the 1999 Urban White Paper. (Sound quality was limited by where we did the interview.)

Mike Baker, Severn Centre, Highley

RegenWM talks to Mike Baker about the major community centre project he is involved in.

Nick Mannion, Neighbourhood Management Initiatiave

RegenWM talks to one of its Board Members about the Neighbourhood Management Pathfinder he works on in North Staffordshire. (Listen for fireworks in the background - it's not gunshot.)

Oneke Whitter

Oneke Whitter has been undertaking a placement with Telford and Wrekin Council as Economic Development Support Officer. In this brief interview she talks about her experience, challenges, highlights, and how she has benefitted from the Regeneration Placement Service.

Peter Smith

Peter Smith, Head of Economic Development at Telford and Wrekin Council, tells us about his experience as a placement host and why he feels the Regeneration Placement Service can meet the needs of many organisations working in the regeneration sector.

Philippa Cross, Arts Council England,

Philippa talks to RegenWM about her role in the West Midlands and about a place for arts in regeneration. Picture and interview done after a dusting of snow!

Sian Thomas

Sian Thomas, Project Officer, Sustainability West Midlands talks about how she secured her current role, and how the Regeneration Placement Service and the various placements she undertook since leaving university, have helped her decide the direction she would like her career to take.

Simon Slater

Simon Slater, Executive Director of Sustainability West Midlands is a key advocate of RegenWM’s Regeneration Placement Service. In this interview he talks about the advantages of taking on a graduate through the Service, and also gives a few tips on things that organisations should bear in mind before deciding to host a placement.

Sophie Churchill on where RegenWM stands today

Sophie Churchill takes a look at RegenWM in the Autumn of 2005, thinking about where the organisation has come from and how the present work programme takes the culture change agenda forward.

Steve Wilks of Cedar Tree Residents Association

Steve is a founder member and Chair of Cedar Tree Residents Association in Camp Hill, Nuneaton. As a local activist who has worked hard to improve his estate, Steve passes on some words of wisdom about getting involved in your local area.