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Applying for a placement

The Regeneration Placement Service helps people take their first step up the regeneration career ladder. We don't employ people ourselves, but act as a 'broker': matching you to exciting, challenging and rewarding placements in organisations involved in regeneration in the West Midlands.

Why should I do a regeneration placement?

A placement will open your eyes to careers you might not have known about before and will give you the chance to challenge yourself in a professional environment. It's a fantastic way to find out if regeneration is for you and to get a foot on the career ladder with some real graduate level work experience behind you. Plus, the transferable skills you'll gain are a must on any top graduate CV - skills that you can use in other jobs too as you look to progress and make your way in your career.

Am I eligible to apply?

If you are a recent graduate or an undergraduate and have an interest in regeneration then you can apply. You will need to be able to work in the West Midlands region, have buckets of enthusiasm and a desire to learn. You will also need to show that you meet the criteria set out in each job description. Remember, each placement is different, so do have a look at them all - you may find your dream job!

"I liked the fact that I could input my own ideas and get experience of a regeneration project as it started to unfold and develop" (Claire)

"This sort of experience under my belt means that I will be able to progress" (Michael)

What about undergraduate placements?

Undergraduate placements are really flexible - we want to give you the chance to get ahead of the game by gaining experience while studying. We often advertise part time placements that you can do one day a week during term time and we also sometimes offer full time placements during vacations - keep a look out for opportunities you like the look of, then why not apply for one or two, and see how you get on!

Application support

We have put together a few resources which you may find helpful when applying for a placement and during the placement itself:

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If you would like to discuss any aspect of a placement call Elaine Bird on 0121 202 3260 or email

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