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Hosting a placement

RegenWM works with you the host organisation to put together a suitable placement, tailored to meet your needs. We then circulate an advert to graduates or undergraduates registered on our database. We help to co-ordinate the recruitment process and can provide informal support when the placement begins.

There is no fixed type of placement, location or duration. From eight week placements to permanent jobs … from paid to voluntary … it's up to you … and best of all it's free!

Why should you offer a placement?

A placement is an accessible, fast and low cost way of getting high quality staff who are really passionate about your area of work – we know this because 91% of our placement hosts rated the skills of their placee to be either good or excellent. If you have a staffing gap, or a specific project that you need help with, then a highly motivated graduate or an undergraduate could be exactly what you need.

Setting up a work placement is a lot less hassle than filling a permanent job, and graduates and undergraduates have the skills to really hit the ground running, quickly becoming an effective member of the team.

Four simple steps to offering a placement:

1. Discuss your ideas with us / agree the placement details

2. RegenWM advertises the placement

3. Suitable applicants are passed on to you

4. Recruitment and selection

Example Job description

Below is an example job description based on some of our previous placements. Remember, the regeneration placement service is designed to be flexible to meet your needs, so feel free to add in or remove responsibilities or personal skills.

First of all, it is usual to provide applicants with a short paragraph describing the nature of your organisation and a very brief description or overview of the role.

Then provide details of tasks and responsibilities such as:

Person specification – work experience is not essential so the successful candidate will have the ability to demonstrate that they possess the following skills and personal qualities:

Personal qualities

In addition to the details about the job itself, please provide us with details of:

If you would like to discuss any aspect of a placement, call Elaine Bird on 0121 202 3260 or email