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Your questions answered

How much does RegenWM charge for using the placement service?

Nothing - it's a free service.

Do all placements offered have to be paid?

No. If you do not have sufficient funding, you can offer a voluntary placement or pay expenses but not a full salary.

What is the minimum or maximum duration of a placement?

RegenWM has no set formula for the duration of a placement - it's up to the organisation to decide based on their needs.

What type of work do you expect the graduate/undergraduate to be involved in?

We want to make sure that placements offer a development opportunity for the placee. So we expect that they will be able to undertake a variety of different tasks that will enable them to develop their skills. We hope that their work will provide a useful piece of research and/or project development for the host organisation as well.

What involvement does RegenWM have in the actual recruitment process?

RegenWM advertises the vacancies and can target select specific types of graduates/undergraduates if required. We help to co-ordinate the recruitment process by collecting CVs and passing them on to the employers if required. We do not get involved in the selection process as this is the responsibility of the employing organisation.

What type of graduates/undergraduates are registered with you?

We have graduates and undergraduates from across the region from a wide range of degree disciplines. We are inviting graduates who are interested in regeneration (regardless of their degree background) to register. If you require graduates with quite specific skills or disciplines we can target particular graduates or universities that offer relevant courses.

Can we take on more than one graduate at a time?

Yes this can be done, providing the host organisation can give each graduate effective support.

How long does the process of placing a graduate take?

This will depend on the type of vacancy and what recruitment process is required by the host organisation. Previous placements have taken between two and four weeks to broker.

What support is available from RegenWM?

We offer informal advice and support during the recruitment phase and we review how the placement is going from the placee's and the host's points of view.

What is required from a potential employer to get the process started?

To start off, all we need is an idea of what the organisation is looking for - this is usually given to us in the form of a brief job description and person specification. Then we will have an informal discussion together to develop a placement.

What happens if the placement does not work out?

If for whatever reason a placement does not work out, RegenWM will endeavour to work with both the graduate and the host organisation to evaluate why it was not successful. We will provide feedback to both parties then look at the processes in place to see how we can look to improve the service going forward. If the graduate moves on we will look to re-broker the position and fill the gap.

What happens if the host organisation would like to offer the graduate a permanent job?

If both parties agree terms and conditions, then as soon as the host organisation desires, the graduate can become a permanent employee. However we would like to be informed early on if this is the case so we can share your success.

Can we take someone on for a short term research project?

Yes this can be arranged - treat the work like a placement and write a description of the piece of research that needs doing.

We welcome informal enquiries about the Regeneration Placement Service. Please call 0121 202 3260 or contact us at