Some words about the Walmart deli tray price list

Often visitors of catering places face with the choice of what kind of food to choose for dinner. On this occasion the Walmart company has a special offer — the Walmart deli tray price list. This list offers all the best combinations of products at reasonable prices. Which is very suitable for those who want to organize some kind of event.

With the Walmart deli tray list everyone can find the suitable size of trays and the fair price for them. There are 3 usual sizes of trays: Small, Medium and Large. But these sizes can be slightly different depending on the dishes.

Their prices range from $18 to $48, which is inexpensive for the quality of the dishes that are presented there.

The deli menu is very diverse. It provides a choice for all food lovers, whether vegetarian or meat-eater and includes such options as finger food, cheese trays, sandwiches. Also, visitors can choose the options such as made-to-order dishes which are more flexible for budget. You can combine trays to provide more types of food to your guests at the event.

The variety of meats and cheeses, made-fresh sandwiches, white and wheat bread, garden-fresh veggies, chilled shrimp with savory cocktail sauce and lemon slices and much more are represented in the menu.

Visiting this place for the first time, you can start the exploring with the next dishes: Veggie Bacon Strips, Red Skin Potato Salad and Deli Direct Braunschweiger Sausage. Moreover, you should try Sub Sandwich which provides possibility to select the ingredients and build the sub according to preferences. This option offers different types of meet (turkey, roast beef, chopped ham, cotto salami, beef bologna) and choice of products for garnish (onion, tomato, lettuce).

The Walmart catering service has gained popularity, serving family events, parties and regarded as one of the best in this sphere, so you can be confident. That make a reliable and affordable choice.